Supetar is the largest town on the Island of Brač. Given it's also the main port on the island, it is also an administrative center as well as a cultural and economic hub. If we take a look at its historical development, we can conclude that Supetar has been constantly inhabited since antiquity. There are a couple of villae rusticae from Roman times as well as a mosaic by the church dating back to 6th century. Due to its accelerating development from the 16th century onwards, Supetar was built as a planned town with baroque buildings and churches along the waterfront coast. Just like other places on Brač, Supetar is known for its amazing beaches. Given its baroque appearance, Supetar is very much charming and its stone houses and narrow streets tell a lovely story of Mediterranean as it once was. Moreover, Supetar is a place of outstanding gastronomy: local olive oil, local lamb and organic vegetables are reason why many tourists choose it to in order to get to know what Croatia really tastes like. When it comes to buying a property in Supetar, the offer is indeed versatile. In case you're interested in buying a new apartment within a residential building, that'll be no problem. Even though the construction is very much present, local authorities make sure that the environment is not very much affected. If you're more into building a house of your dreams on a great plot, we also have that to offer. And, if you can afford to buy a very luxurious villa, our offer provides such a choice as well. No matter what you choose, bear in mind that all these properties can become an excellent renting opportunity since Supetar is constantly having an increasing number of tourists. Our agency can provide you with all the necessary assistance you might need while getting a property on this island of magic.

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