Land Plots

Land for sale Croatia is always a good idea! Clients who wish to fully discover the potential of a location always opt for a plot. That way, they can build a construction according to all their needs. However, it's always necessary to consult local authorities on what's allowed to be built on a particular plot since the size and its placement within the building part of the settlement play an important role.  The next step is to ask for a building permit that matches those criteria and to start with construction works. Once the building is finalized, one needs to get a certificate of occupancy and taht's where your paperwork pretty much ends. When you consider land for sale Croatia, then always keep in mind that the prices vary according to one of these factors: the vicinity of the sea, availability of sea view, privacy, access road, availability of relevant infrastructure (water, electricity, phone wires, etc.) and so on. Moreover, many clients are nowadays interested in finding an agricultural plot where they can grow organic food and be independent of global events. These clients also wonder if they're allowed to build a construction on such a plot, but we always advise to them to contact local authorities before anything else. Once you find the perfect land for sale Croatia, we are at your disposal for further procedure: negotiating the best price, assistance in terms of signing the purchase agreement as well as land registry procedures. All these issues can be finalized in a matter of days. On the other hand, obtaining building permit may take some time (a couple of months), but most of our buyers are familiar with this since that's the only thing standing in the way of your dream Croatian home. No matter what type of property you decide to buy, our agents are at your disposal.

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