Buying property in Croatia – How to guide

  • Buying real estate is a process that requires great commitment assuming knowledge of legal procedures and the negotiation process. Before buying an apartment or house is most important to check the documentation that will be required for the acquisition of property and meet all legal provisions after signing the sales contract
  • From the collection of documents, of which the most important deed and building permit if it is a new building, to the signing of the contract may take up to several weeks
  • With the help of our real estate agents it is simple to obtain all the necessary documentation for the property and advice on bank loans to help finance, ensuring the conclusion of the preliminary contract and solving capers, ensure just signing the sales contract and, ultimately, registering property, and paying taxes on real estate

Buying property in Croatia – Guide for foreign citizens

With Croatian citizens property in Croatia may be bought by foreign nationals with a few differences:

  • Buying property for residents of the European Union since 2009, according to the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, may acquire real estate in the same way as Croatian citizens with certain restrictions for agricultural land and buildings of national importance
  • Foreign nationals outside the EU can buy real estate in Croatia under the principle of reciprocity, which means that the property can be acquired nationals of the State in which Croatian nationals can also buy real estate. After signing the sales contract foreign citizens must obtain approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice
  • Foreign nationals can buy property if you have a registered company in Croatia, and of course buying a property

Process of buying property in Croatia

Buying property in Croatia is very similiar to buying property anywhere in the world. There are some small differences but we will give you the best guidance and help in buying your dream home in Croatia.

  • First of all, the buyer needs to set some criteria – planned budget, property type (house, villa, apartment, land plot), location and anything else that comes into consideration when you buy new property. When you know what you want, the best thing to do would be to contact professional real estate agents
  • Our licensed agents are here to help you in the whole process of buying a new home in foreign country. We also offer you our legal services that are included in our agency agreement. Our agency fee is 3% of the contractual price of the property
  • When the buyer decides to buy property he makes the purchase offer and if the vendor accepts the offer then starts the buying process. If it takes some time to collect the necessary documentation and prepare the sales contract, buyer and seller sign the preliminary contract. Buyer pays the purchase deposit to the seller. After all obligations have been fulfilled, the sale contract is prepared
  • Concluded sale contract has to be notarised and the buyer pays the purchase amount to the seller. Afterwards we make an entry of title in favour of the buyer in the land register. Buyer must pay the real estate tax within 15 days of receipt. Our agents will also make sure of the transcription of water, electricity, telephone and other on behalf of the buyer