If you maybe wish to buy an apartment in Croatia, we'd be proud to present you with our versatile offer. The prices of these apatments in Croatia and along the coast vary from low-budget options all the way to large, spacious new built places with many features such as pool, garden, etc. Building new units is a matter of constant growth in Croatia, but local authorities tend to control this issue in order to protect environment and all the coastal beauty. Generally speaking, location is the main factor that determines the price. Usually, places that are close to the sea (let alone seafront properties) are always more expensive. Apartments that are placed in more remote parts are more affordable. Such apartments then have the advantage of being more peaceful and maybe with a pool in front of the building, etc. If you opt for a centrally placed property, then the advatage lies in the fact that you're close to beaches, shops, bars, stores, etc. Another important factor that contributes to the price is the overall condition of the apartment. If it's an older property that requires thorough renovation, then the price is somewhat lower. Usually, such apartments are found in the old centers of cities, whereas those that are new are placed in newer areas of cities. Buying an apartment in Croatia is not a complicated procedure once ownership and financing is ready. Prior to that, finding the right property is not an issue if one has criteria such as size, price and location ready for an efficient seeing of offered properties. Once the perfect property is determined, the property can be bought in a matter of days. That's where our agency steps in: we prepare all the necessary documents (our legal service deals with this issue) and check all the relevant documents from the old owner. When the agreement is signed, we take care of land registry procedures, and that's it – you're all set to move in and enjoy your ideal vacation spot or second home!

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