Omis is an ancient Croatian city, a place of great heritage and history. Given all the events that Omiš has witnessed, we can without any doubt say that it truly represents a perfect example of exciting Croatian history. Ancient settlement of Oneum is a proof that these parts were first settled during Roman times. However, most of its glorious history occured during the reign of famous Omiš pirates who, due to excellent position of Omiš, attacked papal and other noble ships. This has caused even a Crusade in 13th century, and after the second Crusade was lost, pirates lost their strength therefore causing Omiš to become a Venetian land. Having survived periods of French and Austrian government, Omiš has finally lived a calmer life from the beginning of 20th century. Many interesting sights such as fortresses Mirabela or Fortica, old chrurches from Romanesque times or old Reneissance houses are indeed a heritage worth seeing. Omiš is nowadays very popular among tourists who cherish this place due to its lovely beaches, picturesque historic core, farmer's market full of traditional produce, etc. Omiš is also a place where enjoying in paragliding or hiking has a whole new dimension: seeing Dalmatia on the palm of your hand happens nowhere like here. When it comes to buying a property in Omis, most of the properties are located within the Omiš riviera, some ten to twenty minutes of driving from the very centre. Having a property (house, apartment or plot) in a charming little village means you'll have peace and serenity during your vacation, and if you start missing excitement of a larger urban centre, you'll be there very soon. Thanks to its great location, Omiš is a great place for visiting Split, Trogir or Dalmatian inland, a location which is increasingly more and more popular. Choosing Omiš for your second home or vacationing means you'll have all the facilities garnished with a taste of traditional Dalmatia's great history.

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