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House for sale Croatia

Haus kaufen Kroatien

House for sale Croatia   House for sale Croatia differ based on if they are located in the continetal or mediteranean area of the country. Old mediteranean houses are made of stone which enabled them to stay mostly intact throughout the time. Nowadays, they are renovated and turned into hotels, apartments, villas or any other…

Mediation in Real Estate business

Mediation in Real Estate business   Sale and purchase of a real estate is a complex process for both parties, and it implies knowledge of the market and legislation, numerous documents, planning many activities and the knowledge and skills to understand and negotiate with the other parties involved   In order for you as a…

Taxation in Croatia

Taxation in Croatia

Taxation in Croatia According to the real estate transfer tax, the acquirer is obliged to pay property taxes on real estate at the rate of 3% on the basis of the market value of the property at the time the tax liability The taxpayer is required to report its tax liability Tax Administration office in…