House for sale Croatia


House for sale Croatia differ based on if they are located in the continetal or mediteranean area of the country. Old mediteranean houses are made of stone which enabled them to stay mostly intact throughout the time. Nowadays, they are renovated and turned into hotels, apartments, villas or any other type of residential building. What makes such objects attractive to tourists is the mix of the old traditional style with modern and luxurious architecture. Buildings like these can be a perfect home or a vacation spot.


Further in the country the architecture changes due to the change in climate and environment. Traditional houses in the continental area are more often made of wood than stone. Objects like these are also renovated and improved with modern and luxurious elements to make a perfect place to live, such as cottages.


Alongside the traditional stone and wooden houses, there are many other, more modern types of buildings. They all differ depending on the purpose of the house such as a family house, hotel, villa, apartment or something else.


The price differs depending on what a costumer may choose. Whether it is in the center of the city or somewhere remote such as a peaceful spot on the coast or somewhere in the country can sometimes be a decisive factor. Just as much as the location, the way a house is built and designed, or how close it is to the sea can also be crucial for the final decision. It always comes down to the subjective opinion of the costumer. There is also a choice between a new building or a building to renovate.


To own a house in Croatia isn’t as expensive as in other countries due to lower taxes and besides it’s a beautiful place to live with amazing nature, architecture, food, adrenaline outdoor activities and many more.