Apartment in Solta, 1st row by sea

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  • Apartment in Solta, 1st row by sea
Apartment in Solta, 1st row by sea
Šolta, Croatia
For Sale 115.000,00€ - Apartments
1141 60 2 Bedrooms

Apartment in Solta, 1st row by sea

Apartment in Solta, 1st row by sea, situated in attractive location in Necujam, Solta island 1st row by the sea.

The apartmant is placed on second floor with total area of 60m2 and it comprises kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms, gallery of 14m2 and spacious terrace of 15m2 with beautiful sea view. Documentation is valid.

One more apartment is for sale on the same floor of equal area.


Island Solta


The Island of Solta is situated near Split, and, with only 9 nautical miles of distance and 8 ferry connections a day during the season between them, has become practically a suburb of Split. Visit us if you’re near by- swap the perpetually crowded roads leading to cramped city beaches for a ferry ride, cool down on its deck and, in less than an hour, arrive at a destination with christal clear sea and numorous pebble beaches.


The highest peak of Solta is the summit Vela Straza which is 236 m high. On the north-eastern coast of the island there are the large bays of Rogac and Necujam. In the western part of the interior of Solta there is a field approximately 6 km long and 2 km wide.


The economy of the island is based on vineyards, olives, fruit, fishing and tourism. While the main settlements (Grohote, Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo, Donje Selo) are inland, the main fishing centres are Maslinica, which is exposed to only north-westerly winds, making it a good shelter for smaller boats. Rogac is the main port and Necujam the centre of the island’s tourism.

Explore and relax! Dive into the beauty of many bays on the southern side of the island! Take a swim or try your luck fishing in turquoise oases. Enjoy the view, the nature, beauty and peace of its beaches – perfect spots to relax and get some rest.


The very thought of pristine nature and its green and blue oases will make you eager to visit Solta and treat yourself to one of its world-famous treasures: honey known for its therapeutic properties, protected extra-virgin olive oil or superb red wine made from indigenous island grapes! Find out more about the flavours of Solta and have an unforgettable experience.

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