Vis Island

Many consider Vis to be one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. Its rich history dates back to pre-history times with many foundings dating back to paleolithic times. Issa, a very important settlement from Greek and Roman times, was one of the most significant ancient towns on the Mediterranean. The town had its own money, fleet and colonies, therefore making it a very influential historic location. Its ruins nowadays represent a true exapmle of this island's glorious history. During medieval and Reneissance times, Vis was under Venetian rule, and after French, English and Austrian governance, Vis has finally seen a time of peace after World War II. During those years, Vis was under enormous military influence, making it virtually impossible for foreigners to visit. It was only in 1989 that it was allowed for foreigners to come to this Mediterranean gem. Therefore, Vis has indeed remained untouched by tourism. That's why it is very much popular among tourists; it offers charm of times past. Places such as Komiža or Vis provide you with a sense of small town charm, but it is inland settlements that really give you a true feeling of how splendid this island is. Many historic sights from pre-history times, lovely coastal places such as Modra or Queen's cave, a number of breathtaking islands really add to everlasting charm of Vis. When it comes to buying a property on the island of Vis, the offer varies from traditional stone houses (which, when renovated, are a true investment) to plots both on coast and on island's inland. There are not many apartments offered simply because construction is not very much present on the island. Vis is indeed a choice for those who are interested in peace and serenity. All of these properties offer interesting possibilities for rental business. Or, if you wish so, simply for your wonderful moments on this gem of an island.

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