Postira is one of the prettiest places on the island of Brač. Located on the north side of the island, Postira has a remarkable view of the mainland. First settled back in 6th century, the town saw its first written mention in 14th century, whereas Postira as is known today received its boundaries somewhere in the 16th century when people from neighbouring villages came. When it comes to its main landmarks, this town has a church of St John the Baptist from the 16th century (with remains of a church from 6th century underneath!) and many other stone houses and narrow streets which make you feel true Mediterranean. One of the most importan Croatian authors, Vladimir Nazor, was born here. Moreover, Postira has been a place of fishermen and farmers which has created rather amazing gastronomy. Therefore, food lovers often come here to experience all the organic joys of Croatian food. Some of the most beautiful sandy bays such as Lovrečina, which is considered to be a true hidden gem, are located near Postira. This place is very calm and serene and is as such a great choice for a peaceful vacation or a second destination for senior citizens. If you wish to buy a property in Postira, the offer is rather versatile. One can buy a building plot to make the house of their dreams. In case you are interested in an apartment which requires no serious renovation or maintenance, there is a number of such properties. Furthermore, a number of lovely houses and villas have been either built or renovated over the last couple of years in Postira. Given the proximity of Supetar, the main port on the island, Postira are a great choice if you wish to explore other destinations as well. All the beauty, peace, hospitality and many other characteristics are a reason why a growing number of foreigners choose Postira as their ideal vacation or long term living spot.

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