Top tips for buyers and sellers of real estate in Croatia

Top tips for buyers and sellers of real estate in Croatia – Time to move on, move up, or “get out”?

To get you rocking and rolling, follow our top tips for Sellers and Buyers of real estate in Croatia.



1. Do your homework – research recent sales in the area before you list your property.

2. Speak with your accountant and lawyer before listing your home. Make sure you fully understand the financials and legal impact of the sale.

3. Take time to understand the current property market. Is the market different than 6 months ago, if so why, and how does that affect you? Market knowledge is important, and will really help you to set a realistic fair market price with your estate agent. Visit websites like to compare current market prices.

4. Find a real estate agent in Croatia that has listed and sold successfully in the area. But be careful, just because an agent has a lot of property listings doesn’t mean they are any good at selling them.

5. First impressions count, so make sure that you show your property at its best. Fresh paint, clean surfaces, dressing and/or even minor renovations are all worthwhile considering.



Do you want your property to look more valuable? Are you preparing to sell ? Are you thinking of refurbishing your property? Here are our 5 most impactful, and easy to do ways of adding value to your real estate in Croatia.

1. Ambience, ambience, ambience! Upgrade lighting to make sure that the property is bright, cheery and has that welcoming feel to it.

2. People love space and storage, so organise your space and closets to make them feel spacious.

3. There is nothing worst than and old run down kitchen. For that wow factor, purchase up-to-date appliances that will make the kitchen look modern and new.

4. The type of flooring you finally choose is important and really helps to add that finished touch. Look at updating flooring and painting walls where necessary.

5. How clean are your windows? Make sure all windows are washed clean to maximise light and views.



Ready to buy real estate in Croatia? Here are our top 5 tips to follow before you sign on that bottom line.

1. Do you qualify? Make sure you are qualified for a mortgage before you start viewing any real estate in Croatia.

2. Interview real estate agents in Croatia before you get sold to. Look for professionalism and expertise – hire one who listens.

3. Do your homework. Research recent comparables of properties for sale/sold in your chosen area; make sure you are not getting ripped off.

4. Ask probing questions. Make a list your pertinent questions, ask the agent/owner things like when the property was last renovated, and if there have been any major repairs etc.

5. Plan Ahead. Carry out full due diligence on your prospective investment, do your numbers, and obtain a survey to estimate any future expenses.

We hope that helps.

For more advice on real estate in Croatia please don’t hesitate to get in touch and view our property listings – we’d love to help.