House for sale near Trogir

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House for sale near Trogir
Trogir, Hrvatska
For Sale 260.000,00€ - Houses
1704 444

A house for sale near Trogir is an unfinished property located near Trogir in a quiet and beautiful location. The house has a  total gross surface of 444 sqm and it consists of a basement, a ground floor and two floors. The property also includes a 500 sqm garden. The basement area features a garage and a cellar. The ground floor and the next two floors include residential units connected by internal stairs. The interior works of the basement and the ground floor are finished; although more updating is necessary, there interior is fitted with joinery, electrical installations, water and drainage system. The first and the second floor are in a roh-bau phase. Each floor has terraces overlooking the sea and city of Trogir. Documentation is valid.

Property Map

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