Building plot in Zatoglav near Rogoznica

  • Building plot in Zatoglav near Rogoznica
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Building plot in Zatoglav near Rogoznica
Rogoznica, Croatia
Sold 200.000,00€ - Land Plots
1288 577

Building plot in Zatoglav near Rogoznica

We are selling a building plot in Zatoglav near Rogoznica that has the surface of 577 m2. The plot has proper form, the distance from the sea is cca.30m, for commercial and residential purpose. It has all necessary infrastructure (electricity, water, access road, public lighting…).

The buildingproject of 4 residental buildings was approved. Ownership is valid.


Rogoznica has a 54 km long coastline and geographic location which is placed right in the center of the Dalmatian coast, and the most prominent part of Croatian land stretching deep into the Adriatic Sea

The position of Rogoznica that separates North and South Adriatic, which is extremely emphasized by the specific climatological characteristics in this area, or more precisely on the Rogoznica cape Planka, where we have a direct collision of climate, of winds and ocean currents, the fight of the winds.

The particular position of the island surrounded by land on all sides

With its position Rogoznica represents the perfect location, excellent starting point for all excursions in the wider environment (by staying in Rogoznica you can do day trips to all popular destinations, even to Dubrovnik in the far south, as well as to the Plitvice National Park in the north)

Great starting point on the mainland, and even better starting point on the sea, because in addition to its excellent location, Rogoznica represents the safest harbor of the Adriatic.


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