Splitska is one of the most charming little towns on the Island of Brač. Given its proximity to Supetar which is main port on the island, it's very well connected to the mainland. When it comes to its historical development, there was a small settlement during antiquity and its port was the most important one for sending world famous Brač stone to Split. Splitska reached the height of its development in the 16th century during which many interesting constructions (some of which are present nowadays) were erected. Being famous for its agricultural produce due to their quailty caused many inhabitants to deal primarily with wine and meat. Recently, Splitska became a very important tourist hub. Many foreign visitors choose to visit it since it's rather calm and serene. Its pebble beaches in the shade of old pine trees are here to provide complete feeling of relaxation. Being a place of charming, narrow stone streets and full of ancient stone houses, this town is very much picturesque. Splitska is also full of various amenities very appropriate for children so it's not wonder that many families choose it as a place of their vacation. Splitska is often referred to as a true gem of Brač since it has preserved the true notion of old Mediterranean. Given its popularity among peace seekers, properties in Splitska are also becoming increasingly popular. There is a number of interesting plots, ideal for those who wish to build a property of their dreams, no matter if they wish a luxurious villa or a family home. In case you're interested in an already finished house, there are such properties as well. It is also important to point out that Splitska is not a place of extensive construction, which means that the offer of newly built apartments is not very significant. No matter what type of property you're interested in, we'll do our best to provide you with all the necessary assistance you might need.

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