Sibenik is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Croatia. It is a city of glorious history, a place of very significant cultural heritage and a location of outstanding beauty. Although there is no real evidence of an organized settlement in antiquity, historians believe that there was a smaller village on the site of today's Šibenik. In 1169, that settlement was declared a town with a right to mint coins and maintain trade relations with other cities and territories. In 1412, Šibenik became a part of Venetian state. Given its central location, Šibenik was under many Ottoman attacks, and after the biggest attack of 1647 which was won by local men, Ottomans stopped their endeavours. However, another danger came in the place of war: plague. Historians believe that the Great Plague of Šibenik from 1649 led to massive extinction of population: it stumbled from 10000 to only 1500, therefore causing many municipal problems for generations to come. After a certain period of Austrian government, Šibenik became a part of Italian state. Following the end of WWII, a strong industrial development took place. When Homeland war was finished, Šibenik turned to tourism and has since been one of the most visited destinations in Croatia. Šibenik is a great choice for those who wish to experience true Dalmatia, its narrow streets, stone houses and outstanding places worth visiting -  St James cathedral (a UNESCO protected site), St Michael's and Barone fortresses, many medieval and reneissance churches and monasteries; all of these will provide extraordinary memories. When it comes to buying a property in Sibenik and nearby places, the offer consists mostly of new built apartments. Old stone houses are rare to find. At the same time, available land plots are an opportunity for you to create a dream property. Šibenik's central location makes it very easy to visit other interesting places such as Krka National Park, Trogir or Split and that's one of the reasons why people are more and more interested in buying a property in this beautiful town.

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