Milna is a beautiful little town in the west part of Brač Island. It is often reffered to as a „Bay of thousand ships“, a name from Venetian times. Therefore, Milna is now very popular among yachtsmen since its peaceful bay and two marinas are a great place to dock and enjoy.  The town was officially found in 16th century after a castel and a church were erected, but is believed that the place was inhabited much earlier. Milna was mostly built during baroque period and now it represents a true example of an old historic core. This charming town is also famous for its great shipbuilding tradition, since bracera (named after Brazza, an italian name for Brač), an old type of a ship, was very much built here. Moreover, Milna is a place full of breathtaking beaches. When it comes to gastronomy, Milna has so many lovely dished to offer. Whether it's traditional fish or lamb, you won't be disappointed. In case it didn't come to your attention, let us remind you that Brač and all of its town are worldwide known for lamb since island's flora gives a very specific flavor to the meat. In case you decide to buy a property in Milna, bear in mind that it will be a great investment. Milna is very popular among tourists which means that you'll have no problem with renting in case you decide to do so. Whether it's a charming stonehouse, a plot waiting for you to build a modern new villa, or a lovely apartment which requires no serious maintenance, Milna's properties will meet all of your expectations. This Dalmatian town is a place ideal for those who wish peace and serenity during their vacation, whereas those who are more interested in long summer nights, will have no problem finding great clubs and bars in nearby places.

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