Hvar Island

Hvar island is one of the prettiest Croatian islands, usually known as the Sunny Island, i.e. a place where sun shines most of the year. Located in central Dalmatia, it is perfectly placed for you to fully explore it given it's well connected to mainland. First settled back in pre-history times, this island has been constantly inhabited by Greek and Romans before arrival of Croatians. After a long period of political instabilities, Venetians provided a peaceful time until 1797. That was a period of significant prosperity on this island with harbours fully built, minor industrial plants started and even foreign embassies opened. The rule of Habsburg Monarchy, which later followed, was not as successful, but it is remembered by one significant milestone: year 1868 saw the beginning of first organized groups of tourists. Nowadays, Hvar is an island of outstanding wine since this ancient art of winemaking has its roots here. Moreover, Hvar is a place of organic agriculture, of lavander and of amazing gastronomy. Visited by numerous tourists who are often mesmerized by the beauty, culture and geritage on this island, it remains a place of unforgettable experience. All the towns on Hvar, such as the city of Hvar, Jelsa, Stari Grad as well as numerous bays and beaches are here to make you experience why this island of crystal sea is definitely a great choice. When it comes to buying properties on this beautiful island, our offer is rather versatile. It varies from stone houses all the way to luxurious villas. There are also very interesting plots, perfect for creating a building of your dreams. If you're looking for buying a regular apartment, bare in mind that construction on Hvar is not very much present since local authorities are very keen on preserving this island's natural beauty. Whatever you decide, our agency is here to help and guide you throughout the process.

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