Preparing your Croatian holiday rental

Once you’ve purchased your Croatian holiday rental, your mind will be set adrift with perhaps how to decorated and kit it out.

The art of this is yes… in perhaps considering what you would personally like in the accommodation, but ever more so – what your prospective Croatian holiday rental guests will expect – after all, they will be the ones helping you to pay the bills.

If you advertise the property well, you will get bookings. But you will only get repeat bookings and fabulous recommendations if your accommodation meets or exceeds their expectations in terms of facilities and cleanliness.


Naturally your Croatian holiday rental should be well maintained and managed at all times. Equally for Croatian holiday rental guests first impressions play a huge role, so make sure external décor, garden and swimming pool areas are kept in excellent condition.

How you decided to equip your Croatian holiday rental is indeed a matter of taste, and it will depend to some extent on the target audience that you are trying to attract. For example, if you are trying to attract hikers or sailors, they may appreciate somewhere dry to hang their clothes so that they can be ready to explore the next day.

The following, is a quick checklist of the main points to consider when preparing your Croatian holiday rental:


Documents for your Croatian holiday rental


Inside your Croatian holiday rental it important to have a house book or information pack for your guest to refer to if required.

It’s a lovely touch, and your house book should offer them information and recommendations about local attractions, restaurants, bars and so on. Try to collect as many local leaflets as you can – and included a comprehensive list of contact numbers for use in case of any emergency.


The more personal recommendations you can give (best bakery, best café, etch), the more your guests will appreciate it, after all… the likelihood is that they are on holiday and won’t know the area well, so a little professional guidance from a Croatian specialist like yourself will always be appreciated.

The house book is also a great place to also include the property inventory, offer instructions on how to work equipment, or may to simply switch on the heating.  If you like try to include or explain where the manuals for the washing machine, cooker and dishwasher can be found, together with offering a touch of insight into the idiosyncrasies of the property.


Welcome Pack

To really make your guests feel welcome – something that is so ease to do, and a nice touch in your Croatia holiday rental, is to supply basic groceries such as bread; milk, tea bags, coffee, sugar and perhaps a nice, fresh bowl of fruit to welcome your guests on arrival.



Even if your Croatia holiday rental kitchen is of traditional style, your kitchen must be modern and everything should (of course) work. Hot weather conditions will mean that your guests may need to keep a wide range of things chilled, so the fridge should be as large as you can manage The kitchen should also have a microwave, and you should regularly check to make sure there is sufficient cutlery, that the cooking equipment is in good condition. Providing a Croatia cookbook that offers local recipes is nice authentic touch.



The Bedroom(s) in your Croatia holiday rental should have adequate storage space. Importantly, they should also have clean and comfortable beds, because at the top of list of complaints from guests, is yes… you guessed – dirty uncomfortable beds.

This is definitely one area you cannot afford to scrimp on.

Beds should be protected from soiling by the use of removable mattress covers, which should be changed for each new guest. But it’s really crucial to invest in beds that last well, and that can handle all type of different sizes and weights. Ideally although expensive if you can afford the type of beds that can be found in hotels that would be great, but whatever you decided make sure you spend well to get the type of bed that will do the job for years to come.



Your Croatia holiday rental bathroom, or more to the point these days, bathrooms (plural) should be fresh, hygienically clean and modern.

If possible an en-suite bathroom for each bedroom is the ideal, but irrespective make sure there is soap and toilet paper available, and towels/a towel service as guests really appreciate it.


Laundry Facilities

A washing machine and tumble-dryer should be standard, and are a worthwhile investment for your Croatian holiday rental.


Living Areas

The Furniture and upholstery in your Croatia holiday rental, should be comfortable and in good condition. Of course style is a matter of personal preference, but a simple modern set up usually works well. There should also be adequate means of cleaning equipment, including a vacuum cleaner.



In Croatia, an effective heating system that covers the whole house may depend on where your Croatian holiday rental is located. In the winter some regions can get quite cool, so it’s good to keep this in mind so that your guests can be happy all year round.



These days your guests will expect to have access to the internet in a Croatian holiday rental. Don’t give your guests room to complain.

You may have the nicest villa or finest apartment, but if your Croatian holiday rental doesn’t have access to the Internet – your guests will make sure you no about, via complaints and bad reviews.

The thing is, nowadays the lack of WIFI access for holidaymakers is simply not option, as many of your guests will plan to bring their laptops to surf the net while on holiday. So make their life easy and sign-up for broadband.



In your Croatia holiday rental, Air-conditioning can be expensive to both run and maintain, but having it is crucial in a country like Croatia. Most of your bookings will tend to be during the main season, which also happens to be the hottest time of the year. So having Air-con in your Croatia holiday rental may just be the make or break in terms of bookings and repeat business – so please don’t miss out.


Swimming Pool

Most guests love swimming pools, but if you are catering to a British clientele a swimming pool in your Croatian holiday rental is highly desirable. A swimming pool is also worthwhile consideration if your Croatia holiday rental is in a rural location a long distance from the beach, as this will significantly increase your booking potential. The pool should be of a reasonable size, and well maintained.

We hope that helps, but for more advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch and view our property listings – we’d love to help.