Criteria for choosing your new home

Country Life

If you’re a deciding whether a pastoral existence is for you, a good suggestion is to strip away the gloss, so that you can look firmly at the reality.

Living in the country may remove you from the stress of the city, but perhaps equally from the nearest tradesman and spare parts store that may be necessary to fix your immersion heater. Yes… you will inevitably get closer to nature, but you are also likely to encounter nature in all its forms – up close and personal; including pests, vermin and maybe the neighbors’ chickens sauntering over your lawn. If a full-on rural retreat seems daunting, perhaps a property in Croatia closer to town may be worth considering.


The standard and availability of both private and state-run healthcare centres such as hospitals and dental surgeries varies from region to region. If you need repeat prescriptions or require regular check-ups for an existing medical problem, take some time to find out how far you would have to travel to look after these concerns.


With very few of them in Croatia, being conveniently located close to a private or international school – if you have children, is likely to determine the location of your property in Croatia. As an alternative you may want to find out whether there are places available at any local state schools, while also working out the distance you may have to travel to reach them.


The selection and proximity of various amenities to your property in Croatia is likely to be another influencing factor. Whether you are buying a holiday home for yourself or as a vacation rental, facilities such as golf courses, marinas, swimming pools, cultural attractions, cinemas, restaurants, nightclubs, hiking areas and water sports are all things to bear in mind. But nothing trumps all of those more than having convenient access to a local beach, and access to a beach often tends to be a make-or-break factor in the decision process when buying a property in Croatia.


When buying a property in Croatia, consider door-to-door travel times.

Flight times from the UK to Croatia are generally minimal, which is all good and well. But if the property in Croatia you are considering is difficult to access for that weekend stay, this may limit the amount of use you actually get out of your property in Croatia.

Similarly a property within easy access to an airport, served by direct flights from the UK will be significantly more successful as a vacation rental property in Croatia. So if you do plan to live and work in the area, access to the airport and commuter links to the nearest town and city may be important factors to reflect on.


Everybody likes value for money, and your choice of location when considering a property in Croatia is an important factor to getting the most “bang for your buck.”

For example, a ground-floor apartment in a desirable suburb of Dubrovnik will cost there or there about, the same as a four-bedroom stone villa with its own pool in Istria. Of course it all comes down to personal choice, but if you’re struggling to find the ideal property in line with your criteria and budget in one particular location, try widening your search to include neighboring towns and villages – it could save you thousands.


Useful tips

Here are 4 tips from seasoned property investors on how to choose the right location to buy property in Croatia.

1. Always get out of the car and take a good walk around the nearest town or village rather then simply driving through. You will get a much better feel for what type of community you may joining and the sorts of amenities that are available.

2. Talk to the locals, and your potential neighbors. They will have invaluable knowledge on the surrounding area, and are far likely to be more open about local issues than an estate agent or seller.

3. Seek out other expatriates in the area and ask them about their experiences. This is often a great way to find out about the reality of living life in the locale through foreign eyes.

4. Try to fit visiting the property/area at different times of the day into your viewing agenda. You may discover that wonderfully tranquil fishing village you love so much, might just turn into a frenzied beach resort at the weekends, or that market town which bustles during the day, turns into a tumbleweed alley in the evenings.

We hope that helps, but for more advice and further assistance in finding the right real estate in Croatia or property for your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and view our property listings – we’d love to help.