Choosing A Location For Your Property In Croatia

The success of your property purchase in Croatia will almost certainly be determined entirely by one single factor – its location.

No matter how perfect the property in Croatia may be, if it’s located next to a building site, can only be accessed by foot, or is prone to flooding at certain times of the year, what may have seemed like a dream come true can quickly turn into a nightmare.


Your choice of location, when considering a property in Croatia is only one in a catalogue of priorities to consider when buying a property in Croatia.

Understandably your priorities are likely to be very different depending on your motivation for buying. For example the distance to the nearest airport and the convenience of local tourist attractions may be important if you are looking to buy an investment/rental property, whereas the standard of the local schools and healthcare facilities may be of greater concern if you intend to move into the area permanently.


Before you start visiting and viewing properties in Croatia, a good idea is to make a detailed checklist of your own priorities. Viewing days are often thrilling affairs but may come with a certain level of pressure to make decisions. It’s so easy to get swept up in the moment and carried away by the fantasy, without taking a close enough look at reality. Having your own physical checklist will help you to identify the pros and cons of the property’s location and ultimately help you to make the right choice.


Brac island

Brac is the largest among the central Dalmatian islands, and also the highest among Adriatic island with 778 meters. Symbol of the island is Zlatni rat in Bol, on the southern side of the island – one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Adriatic. However, it is not only a place of exceptional beauty, but also full of traditions and attractions that will make your staying unforgettable. Brac island historical heritage and a vital folk culture provide a perfect setting for a vacation filled with unforgettable experiences.


Brac is well connected to the mainland by ferry lines from Split and Makarska. Ferry ports on the island are located in Supetar and Sumartin. During the summer season, ferries Split – Supetar go during the day almost every hour, and the ride takes cca 50 min.

There is also an airport on Brac, located 14 km from Bol and 32 km from Supetar and it is open only during the high season.


Brac quarries are the symbol of the island, providing stone starting with the Roman empire era until today. The stone from Brac is known for its high quality and uniquenes, and it was used to built some of the most important buildings, including the Cathedral in Šibenik and White House in Washington. Stone-masonry schools and one art colony in Pučišća and Donji Humac offer teaching and training programs, under the guidance of qualified mentors.


Towns located on Brač are Supetar, Sutivan, Bol, Postira, Pučišća, Milna, Sumartin, Splitska and other smaller villages. Each town on the island has its own unique amenities and qualities, making your holiday full of relaxation and enjoyment. Moreover, not only Brac is a perfect destination to have a holiday home, but it also has all the necessary facilites and advantages for residence through the entire year.