• Brac is the largest among the central Dalmatian islands, and also the highest among Adriatic island with 778 meters


  • Brac is famous for two things: its radiant white stone, from which Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the White House in Washington are made and Zlatni Rat, the long pebbly beach at Bol, considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Adriatic and the greatest tourist destination


  • Brac is well connected to the mainland by ferry lines from Split and Makarska. Ferry ports on the island are located in Supetar and Sumartin. During the summer season, ferries Split – Supetar go during the day almost every hour, and the ride takes cca 50 min


  • There is also an airport on Brac, located 14 km from Bol and 32 km from Supetar and it is open only during the high season


  • Towns located on Brac are Supetar, Sutivan, Bol, Postira, Pucisca, Milna, Sumartin, Splitska and other smaller villages. Brac is an island that has many advantages when it comes to having a holiday home


  • Beauty of nature, fresh air, transparent sea and peaceful surroundings leave a trail on every visitor that always tends to come back and get to know the island in details. Not only will the landcape leave you breathless, but every town and village provides a full service for the total enjoyment of staying on Brac, including various restaurants and Mediterranean food, shops, supermarkets, playgrounds and everything what makes your staying easygoing and relaxing


  • The American magazine “Islands” has recently ranked the Croatian island of Brac among the world’s ten most desirable islands to live on. The specialized magazine is printed in a circulation of millions and read all over the world


Amazing Dalmatian Villa




  • Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on Brač. It exists in the surrounding of the southern landscape, at the foot of the Bol crown and Vidova Mountain the highest island peak and at the same time the highest point of all Adriatic islands (778 m)


  • Bol is really a village that has grown with time along its harbour. Like the whole south end of the island, tourism has definitely settled. Today it has turned itself into one of the biggest tourist hotspots in Croatia, with a wide variety of hotels and apartments


  • Bol has many beautiful beaches. To the west from Bol lies the beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) one of the largest and most beautiful attractions of the Adriatic. Like a small tongue it extends nearly half a kilometre into the clear blue sea


  • Zlatni rat is a pebble beach which offers ideal conditions for water sports such as surfing and kiting. The beach has a diving and surfing school where you can rent the necessary equipment


  • Behind the beach, there is a pine tree forest in which there are many restaurants where you can freshen up from the heat and where your kids can have fun on the playground. Zlatni rat offers an outstanding night life for the younger population. During summer, lifeguards watch over your safety throughout the day. There is a parking nearby if you arrive by car and you can get to the beach by a tourist boat or a tourist train that goes from Bol every half hour


  • There are local buses and taxis from Supetar that meet all ferries and take around 1 hour. There are also catamarans from Split in the summer that connect Split with Bol and Hvar island





  • Milna, a tourist destination and harbor on the island of Brac, lies 20 km south west of Supetar, a central town and ferry port that connect Split with Brac. In the summer there are regular catamarans from Split to Milna that go on to Hvar and Dubrovnik. Otherwise, you can take take the ferry to Supetar and then a bus or taxi to Milna


  • Since the bay of Milna is the safest and best harbor on the island, a marina with 200 berths has been built in the bay. The settlement developed in the 16th century when an aristocratic family decided to build a fortress and church there


  • Apart from its magnificent architecture and Mediterranean ambient, Milna is known for several bays with sandy and pebble beaches, such as Pasikova, Lucice, Maslinova and Osibova, ideal for families with children. There is a well kept swimming area in the bay of Vlaska


  • Active holiday lovers have many sporting activities (6 a side soccer, volleyball, basketball, boccia and table tennis) at their disposal. You can enjoy traditional Dalmatian cooking and other specialties of the region in several restaurants


  • Milna is an oasis of peace and quiet, making it the perfect destination for a vacation away from the crowd




  • Postira is a fishing and a tourist town located on the north side of the island of Brac, rich with attractive sandy and pebble coves. A favorable location has transformed Postira in a harbor and a fishing place, while the fertile land in the hinterland ensures homemade food and quality wines


  • Postira was first mentioned in the 14th century. The name of the place comes from the word “Pastura” which means “pasture” in Latin. Postira is a little Mediterranean town located on the northern side of the island Brac, 8km from Supetar. The place is known for its cultural monuments and numerous findings which testify about the turbulent past of this place (remains of the early Christian aisled church, remains of a former roman complex with ancient dock remains in the sea)


  • Postira is beautiful in every season, however in the summer it shows its hospitality. Many bays and beaches come to life by the variety of the domestic tourist offer


  • The place is rich with already mentioned attractive sandy and pebble beaches and coves. The most famous and beautiful are the coves Lovrecina, Mala Lozna, Prvlja, Zastivanje and Rat. Sports and active vacation enthusiasts can practice cycling, beach volleyball, handball, basketball, football, tennis, bowling, walking, swimming, diving and many other water sports. Like any other Dalmatian place, Postira organizes numerous festivities and manifestations during summer


  • The traditional cultural manifestation “Postira summer” offers and authentic experience of the local festivities


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  • Splitska is a coastal village placed on Brac island, in Split- Dalmatia county. It is situated 3km from Supetar and it is also an administrative part of Supetar


  • The village was developed in 16th century, after it had been destroyed in 13th century by Omis pirates. There was a port in Splitska in Roman times, used for exporting Brac stone for construction of Diocletian’s palace in Split. Near Splitska, in quarry Rasoha, the image of Heraklo was found on the wall, made by one of Diocletian’s carvers. From 16th century it is known not only as a nice village, but also as a safe port in this part of Brac island


  • The church dedicated to Virgin Mary was built on the foundation from 1228. Important monument is also a castle of family Cerinić that dates from 1577 and church of St. Jadra on the way to Škrip from 5th century


  • Hardworking residents of this picturesque village are engaged mostly in tourism and agriculture, olive growing and wine growing


  • Splitska is an ideal place for a family vacation and visitors that love to enjoy homemade food, wine, and true Mediterranean ambience. It is connected daily by ferry Split- Supetar. The vicinity of Supetar, which is the center of the island, offers additional possibilities of sports recreation, excursions and entertainment. The most popular summer resort Bol and famous beach Zlatni Rat are placed only 35 km away




  • Supetar is the main port of entry on Brac island as well as its administrative centre. Fertile surrounding countryside with vineyards, olive groves and orchards, pine woods all along the coast, lovely bays with sandy beaches (particularly the bay of Vlacica) make Supetar an excellent base to explore the island


  • Supetar is the largest settlement on the island of Brač with 3.300 inhabitants. The city of Supetar includes the town Supetar and three villages Splitska, Škrip and Mirca


  • The American magazine “Islands” has recently ranked the Croatian island of Brač among the world’s ten most desirable islands to live on. The specialized magazine is printed in a circulation of millions and read all over the world


  • The most outstanding attraction is the 18th century Church of the Annunciation which is worth checking out for its 18th-century altar paintings and monumental staircase. It stands on the site of an early-Christian church, from which a mosaic and a number of old tombs were preserved. On the western edge of town is a large tourist complex, beach and watersports centre. On a little promontory which closes Vlacica bay from the north there’s a local cemetery which contains several tombstones made by the famous sculptor Ivan Rendic who was born in Supetar


  • This town astonishes with its simplicity and beauty. The majority of ferries and speed boats that connect Brac to the mainland docks in Supetar. It is an ideal destination for all those who wish to enjoy a rich cultural heritage and natural beauties. It has been a favorite vacation destination for long time because of its beautiful and long sandy beaches, surrounded by pine tree forest


  • Supetar has an excellent connection with Split both during the winter and during the high season. With ferrys departuring almost every hour, this destination gets a particular advantage which makes it perfect for residence during the entire year





  • Sutivan is a small island-municipality located on the northwest seaside of Brac in front of Split. It is only 13 km far away from Split and has an uninterrupted connection with it since its founding. It is placed only 7km from Supetar, the administrative center of the island, so you can easily arrrive in Sutivan by bike, taxi or using public transport


  • While the Roman emperor Diocletian built his palace in Split, one of his dignitaries built his own under the today’s court in Sutivan- Kavanjinovi dvori. We can speak about a 1700-anniversary of life in the village which is called nowadays Sutivan – it was probably named after St. John the Baptist (sv. Ivan Krstitelj). Renaissance palaces, Baroque-style summer mansions and typical Dalmatian stone houses make the place irresistible. Sutivan is known for its hospitality, its numerous pebble beaches offering peace and quietness, the scents of Mediterranean and its crystal clear sea


  • Sutivan is truly a bike friendly destination. Starting from “Vanka regule”- extreme sports festival, followed by bike friendly accommodation, all the way up to restaurants specialised for cyclists. Depending on your conditions and desires, you may choose from three different types of trails – Maestral, Tramuntana and Levant


  • Sutivan, although being a perfect tourist destination with its various offer that satisfies every type of guests and visitors, it it also a magnificent location for having a holiday home. With its mild climate and all the necessary facilities (supermarkets, farmacies, playgrounds,etc.), the everyday life there is ensured and relaxing


Amazing luxurious villa in Sutivan, Brac island

Amazing luxurious villa in Sutivan, Brac island