Brac house for sale

Brac house for sale – Brac Island is an ideal place for tourists exploring the natural beauty and profound history of the Eastern European region. The largest in the so called Dalmatian group of islands, Brac is disconnected from the mainland of Croatia by the Brac Channel. The island is also known for its rustic location and famous stone houses.

No doubt, the tourism potential of the island attracts a number of real estate speculators. For those who wish to purchase a charming stone house to renovate for sale, browse through a number of websites found in the web.


The island of Brac has mild weather throughout the year with rainy winters. Summers are a great time to spend on the island. The vegetation is also a bit similar to southern parts of the Mediterranean where olives and grape vineyards thrive. Trees like oak and juniper also grow in abundance on the island. Due to years of cutting down these trees for export of woods, only a quarter of the island is covered with canopies of these precious reserves. The flora and fauna are diverse and pastoral agriculture a traditional livelihood of the locals.

Old stone houses are found almost anywhere in the islands that dot the Adriatic. They are made up of strong materials that can withstand the elements. The islands are known for its karst limestones and dolomites, the quarries being the source of stone for building these decorative stoneworks for centuries. These stones were found to be sturdy which explains how the old Romans built their architectures all over Dalmatia.


The house to renovate for sale has huge market potentials not only for Europeans but also for non-Europeans who will find the area an ideal place for vacation or retirement.

Brac is well connected to the mainland by ferry lines from Split and Makarska. Ferry ports on the island are located in Supetar and Sumartin. During the summer season, ferries Split – Supetar go during the day almost every hour, and the ride takes cca 50 min.


There is also an airport on Brac, located 14 km from Bol and 32 km from Supetar and it is open only during the high season.

Buying a house on Brac island is a great investment as well as perfect location for your new home. The only thing you have to choose is whether you would like to renovate the old charming stone house or buy a new one and enjoy your vacation immediately.